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SunLight Map

Fire Detection

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Aurora Borealis

Real Time Earthqakes

Solar System Viewer

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fVWeather Show weather conditions and forecasts using the OpenWeather weather service
fMapMyCar Save the geographical coordinates of a position (eg our car parked)
and successively used them to return to the saved position, showing
the route on a map
fMySecretCode This application allows you to create and manage a database of codes (PIN, password, ...) encrypted with AES
fJudoGoKyo Show the basic tecniques of the judo go kyo
fNageNoKata Show video of each group of judo Nage No Kata
fShoppingList Build and manage a simple and easy shopping list.

These modules are also published on search "FV" or "IZ1SLI" to view all my app.

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From today is no longer necessary register a user account for access to the download section
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Thursday, 12 March 2009 14:22
mod_ebay_editor eBay editor
mod_geo_ip Geo IP base on Google MAP
mod_world_visit Based on widget of who' for display a world visitors map
mod_counter_visit Based on widget of who' for display a visitors counter
mod_sunlight_map Earth sunlight map
mod_sea_surface_temp Sea surface temperatures
mod_3bmeteo_reg Show italian regional weather
mod_sdac Last solar images from Solar Data Analysis Center (SDAC)
mod_fire_detection Real time detection of fire and flames
mod_aurora Real time aurora borealis for northern or southern hemisphere
mod_storm Real time storms track maps
mod_itweather_plus Italian Weather and Meteosat images and animations
mod_rt_earth Real Time Earth Images
mod_moon_phase Show a real time phase of he moon
mod_earth_quake Show a real time earthqakes for Italy, Europe or entire World
mod_IT_meteo Italian weather from many sources
mod_ocean_data Show wave height, pressure and temperature of all oceans
mod_solar_system Show orbits of solar system planets
Display weather informations for any location in the world

These modules are also publishied on and are availables in the download section.

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Tuesday, 25 November 2008 14:22
MyCode@Secure A Windows Vista/7 gadget for encryped archiving of user credential.
IP.mon Network monitoring gadget for the Windows Vista/7 Sidebar.
onFly.Barcode A sidebar gadget for barcode creation.
Side.Calc Sidebar Calculator Gadget
Side.Cam Web Cam viewer gadget for Windows Vista/7
Side.Earthquakes Show recent global Earthquakes, for Windows Vista/7
Side.GoogleWeather Show weather forecast for a specified location

These gadgets can also be downloaded from Microsoft Live Gallery
These gadgets are availables in the download section.

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Weather Forecast +

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Meteosat settore 2 canale IR

Italian weather

Real Time Earth Data

Sea Surface Temperatures

Moon Phase

SDAC Solar Image


Geo IP Tool

Storm Track Maps

Real Time Ocean Data

previus     height pressure temperature     next

Global wave


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